Patrick Marzo

Founder & Managing Partner

New Jersey, United States
United States

About Patrick Marzo

Patrick Marzo leads Graceland Capital Partners Foreign Exchange (GCPfx) as co-founder and Managing Partner. Marzo operates at the helm of the proprietary trading sector of Graceland Capital Partners, where he creates and develops algorithm trading programs and handles prime brokerage. Patrick Marzo supervises vendors and pricing and specializes in monitoring the trade of the dollar with the yen and euro.

In 2008, Patrick Marzo launched GCPfx Global with partner Anthony Viggiano. GCPfx Global serves as an institutional forex platform for banks and hedge funds.

Holding a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Long Island’s C.W. Post Campus, Marzo served as Vice President of BNP-Paribas from 1994 to 1999. Patrick Marzo then transitioned to a role as Senior Vice President at Societe Generale, where he secured $4 million in profits each year. At Societe Generale, Marzo developed his expertise in dealing with the dollar to yen and dollar to euro markets.

In addition to his other duties, Patrick Marzo provides training to his colleagues at Graceland Capital Partners, sharing the insight he has garnered from 20 years of combined experience and education in the field of finance. Patrick Marzo remains actively engaged with new developments in the foreign exchange industry and continues his education through membership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare Program, where he has completed courses in Advanced Algorithms, Economic Analysis for Business Decisions, and International Economics.

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