Pastor Max Garza

Pastor Max Garza


Victory Outreach Church of Portland

About Me

A dedicated member of the Portland, Oregon, community, Pastor Max Garza, pastor and executive director of Victor Outreach Ministries, has developed several local nonprofit organizations directed toward at-risk youth. In addition to establishing a 24-hour youth home, Pastor Max Garza has established two men’s homes, three faith-based recovery homes, and one women’s home. All establishments focus on helping individuals deal with substance and alcohol abuse, offering 12-step programs, group and individual counseling, anger management, and soft-skills job training. Each home also maintains an aftercare program.

Pastor Garza’s commitment to others has also led to his partnership with other local organizations, including Street Vision Youth Home and the Community of Colors. Further, his involvement with the live Broadway drama Bound by Colors, a drug and gang prevention production, has helped impact thousands of youth in the Pacific Northwest area. His dedication has earned him the Northwest Christian Community Foundation’s Christian Servant Award and the 2005 Gang Violence Prevention Award.

In his free time, he enjoys watching basketball and supporting the Portland Trail Blazers. He also enjoys walking with his wife and watching movies, especially action films.


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