Passion translation Brian Simmons

Passion translation Brian Simmons

President and Lead Translator

The Passion Translation


About Me

Brian Simmons has worked as the president and lead translator for The Passion Translation since the summer of 2009. He has translated the Bible from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, in addition to co-translating the Paya-Kuna New Testament. Alongside his work with The Passion Translation, Brian Simmons has served as the President of Stairway Ministries as president since 2000. In this position, he has established himself as an internationally renowned Bible instructor and evangelical leader. Additional responsibilities he has undertaken as president of Stairway Ministries include establishing churches all over the world and serving as a consultant on church growth projects.

Earlier in his career, he spent 12 years as a missionary with New Tribes Mission. Following his mission work, he founded Gateway Christian Fellowship and became a senior pastor teaching and preaching the word of God. He also served as an instructor with the Southern New England Regional Bible School.


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