Deregulation Lets PALMco Customers Benefit from Lower Energy Prices



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  PALMco is a privately owned energy supplier serving residential and commercial customers in seven states: Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Before the energy industry was deregulated in the 1990s, businesses and homeowners had no choice as to their provider. However, since deregulation, customers can benefit from competitive pricing without having to sacrifice service, or reliability. Businesses and homeowners interested in switching to PALMco can simply contact a company representative, and provide basic account information. PALMco will handle switching all necessary services with no charge to the customer. Bills will continue to arrive from the customer's regular utility provider and will reflect any energy charges from PALMco. The delivery of electricity and natural gas is still handled by the customer's utility provider, so switching to PALMco won't

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