Ozzie deFaria

Ozzie deFaria

Business Entrepreneur and Private Investor

About Me

Ozzie deFaria, a Bostonian by birth but Floridian by heart, has over 25 years of business and management experience. He received his bachelor’s at the University of Maine, and his Master’s education at the prestigious Harvard School of Business, which allowed him to gain the necessary knowledge to launch a successful business career. Throughout these years, he has built an exceptional reputation for taking companies that are on the verge of failure, and turning them into successful companies.
Then in 2011 and 2012, Ozzie deFaria ran as a candidate to represent Florida’s 23rd Congressional District in the House of Representatives, and it was his pro-business platform that helped him get national endorsements by the former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, along with North Carolina Senator Richard Burr and Congressman JC Watts.
Today, Mr. deFaria works as a private investor, and as a public servant by mentoring young student athletes. Through this mentoring program, he helps kids who want to be athletes to build athletic resumes, contact college coaches so they can be placed in the right college after their high school graduation.

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