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Otmane El Rhazi has been working in the banking industry for a few years now, and accrued a package of skillsets. He has worked in R&D for two years and a half. Previously, he was Vice President within the Citi/Citibank Commodities Marketplace in London, working on Hedging Investor Products and Corporate transactions. El Rhazi's background in mathematics and finance have been sharpened through many experiences thought at least four continents. London in where Otmane El Rhazi is located and he will be happy to talk over the phone or meet with you every time it is most appropriate. Otmane El Rhazi is also expert in programming, focussed in development of software and coding both in C/C++ and Java both interfaces and kernel code for systems.

In 2002, Otmane El Rhazi started his career at IBM as an internship field engineer, solving customer bill problems at their offices. He rose rapidly with his financial skills through the organizations as an effective leader who inspired great loyalty to his team members. Due to his knowledge of transactions and trading, he was also involved in multiple facets of the Real Estate industry; where he dealt with short sales, auctions, residential development, and rentals. El Rhazi is labelled as swift, courtesy and very helpful by most of clients and given a four superstars over five. El Rhazi looks forward to providing you, if you need, with many valuable information, management options and convenient support for you and your projects.

Along with his extraordinary skills, Otmane El Rhazi has also abetted many co-workers in some of Europe hardest times to get a HR contact and recommendations for a good company job. He would certainly use his expertise/skills again in the next decade as it is market related, and "money brings money" as we say. Otmane El Rhazi's business model is motivated by Goldman Sachs wherever the client is in the centre and objective is to maximize the added value. Nil is more exciting to Otmane El Rhazi than the gratifying feeling he gets from serving people in need. You can count on him to do the right thing and what's in your top interest.


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