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Osteopath Melbourne


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Osteopath Melbourne: a Quality Form of Healing


Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still MD, DO. Dr. Still was a surgeon who began experimenting with the manipulation of the body's physical structures as an alternative way of healing. The term osteopathy is derived from the word osteon or bone and was coined by Dr. Still due to his belief that all pathological conditions derived from the bones.

The doctor discovered that by treating the structure of the body and putting back into balance, he could ameliorate the symptoms of disease and discomfort. Osteopathic manipulative therapy was devised by the doctor to help restore the natural function of the body. This method became known as Osteopathy and is used all over the world.

In Australia, osteopathic care is offered in most major cities including osteopath Melbourne. RMIT University in Melbourne offers an excellent Osteopathy program and turns out some of the highest quality osteopath melbourne has to offer.

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