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Norbert Snedker


Skydiving In Atlantab2

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Paragliding is a recreational activity, considered an extreme sport, practiced by using an engine-free aircraft. The aircraft used in paragliding are incredibly simple and they are often called just "wings". Just this nonetheless is one of many significant reasons for the raising popularity - paragliders are affordable and do not take much space. In paragliding you are launching the aircraft by foot - generally people use hills where they bound and run to start flying. Paragliding gives you good quantity of control. Skydiving seems similar to paragliding as a result of the gear but the similarities probably end here. Skydiving is an extreme sport that includes jumping with a parachute from an airplane. Unlike paragliding, skydiving evolved from a practical task used a lot in the military as a safety mechanism. Adrenaline is a survival mechanism, necessary for general wellbeing.


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