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nhring flora

Pregnancy and parenting – All about it

654123, India

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Pregnancy and parenting are two important processes which have enabled species around the world to produce more of their kind, however parenting and pregnancy vary in duration, complexity and intensity from one species to another. Nutrition plays a very important role in both pregnancy and pa.

In humans the aspect of nutrition is very important in pregnancy and parenting. There are some foods which are very beneficial during pregnancy for the development of child. Whole grains ,vegetable, dairy products and food rich in protein must be consumed during pregnancy for healthy new born baby .It is also recommended by WHO that pregnant woman gain a certain amount of weight for producing a healthy baby and the gain in weight should be max in the last three months and it should be a gradual process and the amount of recommended weight gain is less for overweight women .it has also been found that women who exercise regularly give birth to healthier babies so it is recommended that pregnant women exercise regularly .

The most important part of parenting is breastfeeding. Babies who have been breastfed develop immunity towards most diseases not only during the infancy but in the longer run they stand a better chance of fighting diseases. A very interesting thing about breastfeeding is that that the composition of breast milk constantly changes its composition according to the need of the baby and has the exact ratio and composition of vitamins, enzymes, protein, carbohydrate required by the baby .The babies who are breastfed have less chances or it can be said that they are at low risk for diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, heart related diseases and asthma and also digestive diseases.

The nutrition is alone the most vital factor for the development of a child and so it is the most important part of pregnancy and parenting.  

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