Neil Haboush

Sales Manager
Level One Data Services, Montreal


About Neil Haboush

In 2000, Neil Haboush began his career in the customer service and software development industry. Neil Haboush founded Level One Data Services to assist companies with their customer service needs and to offer viable and effective solutions to customer service problems. Level One Data Services started out as a consultancy, but quickly expanded into other realms.

Recognizing a gap in the area of data organization and customer service, Neil Haboush and Level One Data Services first moved into software development to help clients achieve maximum benefit from their consulting services. Today, the company concentrates exclusively on software services, helping financial institutions and call centers manage their data and customer service-related programming needs. An entrepreneur with a diverse resume, Neil Haboush currently leads the sales force at Level One Data Services. Guided by Mr. Haboush's extensive experience, the company develops solid partnerships with clients by providing uniquely efficient system data flows, processing tools and reports, real-time data, and secure file transfer tools. For more information about Neil Haboush or Level One Data Services, please visit The company website contains contact information, explains each service, and answers questions related to its products.

Previously, Neil Haboush served as owner and manager of his own women’s sportswear company. Due to Neil Haboush's unparalleled commitment and superior business skills, his company became one of Canada’s leading private label clothing manufacturers.

Neil Haboush is a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science.

Today, Neil Haboush resides in Montreal. In his spare time, Neil Haboush unwinds with physical activities such as weightlifting and golf. A philanthropist, Neil Haboush gives back to the community by providing generously to such charities as the St. George Benevolent Fund and the Cedars Cancer Institute. In the past, Mr. Haboush served as director of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church.

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