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Neil G. Pansey has spent a lifetime in pursuit of ever evolving technologies. Neil G. Pansey graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Engineering. His education laid the foundation for what has become a career of excellence and distinction. For over fifteen years, Neil G. Pansey has served as a professional electrical engineer and technical leader focused on hardware, applications, technology trends, and leadership in the power generation environment.

The year 2001 found Neil G. Pansey employed by Progress Energy Florida, a company located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Neil G. Pansey enjoyed professional advancement with this company from 2001 through 2012. As a plant engineer, Neil G. Pansey was stretched in directions that truly challenged him and greatly expanded his experience base in power plant operations, electrical technical maintenance and maintenance planning and teamwork. Neil G. Pansey then accepted an offer to become a senior engineer at Progress Energy. Neil G. Pansey and was quickly recognized as an expert in I&C design and modification for gas turbine, steam turbine, boiler, water treatment, fuel handling, HRSG and other BOP equipment based on high performance operating criteria. In that role, Neil G. Pansey demonstrated proficiency in measurement selection and installation planning for flow, pressure, temperature, speed, vibration, level and analytical instrumentation and final control elements and control valve accessories.

In recognition of his skill and contributions to Progress Energy, Neil G. Pansey advanced to the position of lead engineer at the company. Here he assumed responsibility as a project-engineering manager overseeing all aspects of supervision for a high performance staff engineering organization. Providing strong leadership, motivation and leadership coaching to multi-disciplinary technical staff required a drive for necessary strategic organizational behavior. Neil G. Pansey coordinated project work flows; project and outage schedules and developed contingency plans for projects, provided design reviews and supervision/coordination to multiple parties and organizations, and monitored multiple project performances and initiated corrective action for major construction projects employing new combined cycle and clean air improvements to conventional boiler generation technologies.

Neil G. Pansey’s expanded capability as a certified project management professional did not go unnoticed. In the year 2012, Neil G. Pansey accepted an opportunity to become a technical services engineer at the Florida Power and Light Company in the North Palm Beach, Florida area. Neil G. Pansey served as the lead engineer for combined cycle plant distributed control system replacements, fleet wide program replacements for steam turbine and excitation controls and turbine vibration monitoring systems. Neil G. Pansey developed long term budget and project execution plans for fleet equipment assets, drafted technical and commercial requirements and specifications for major project requirements and supplier support agreements. Neil G. Pansey acted as a subject matter expert and advanced technical support leader for design and troubleshooting electrical and control systems. Neil G. Pansey completed the FPL leadership development program and Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

In recognition of these efforts, Neil G. Pansey was promoted to a central maintenance leader position at the Florida Power and Light Company in the year 2014. He now leads a team of electrical and instrumentation technical maintenance specialists for major power plant outage execution and equipment overhauls. In this role he continues to be recognized by his co-workers and those he manages as a man of integrity and sound character and as a technical leader who is committed to excellence in his field and to treating people with respect. Neil G. Pansey leads his execution teams by way of example in the areas of safety, compliance, process management and human performance, and works to create and maintain an inclusive and respectful work culture that drives productivity, innovation and engagement. Neil G. Pansey conveys technical direction and management oversight to numerous internal and external resources in high pressure environments regarding all aspects of maintenance on modern electrical, instrumentation and control systems, including digital logic, generators, transformers, motors, medium and low voltage breakers, control valves, motor operated valves, switchgear, excitation systems and critical application transmitters, switches, unit protection elements and systems, and batteries.

Neil G. Pansey resides in Palm City, Florida and works in the southeast Florida area with the Florida Power and Light Company. Integrity, pursuit of knowledge and intelligent curiosity have combined to build a solid professional platform for Neil G. Pansey that will serve him well for years yet to come.


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