Neil Goldberg

Neil Goldberg

Executive Producer

Direct Focus, Inc.


About Me

After graduating Hofstra University, Neil Goldberg entered the world of sports television and quickly established himself as a creative and innovative leader in the industry.

For over 25 years his pioneering production approach in both the creative and technical categories played a big part in the way sports television is both covered and viewed today. Honored as a 20-time Emmy Award winner, Neil credits his success to his true passion for filmmaking and storytelling.

Neil Goldberg brings a unique and creative approach to every production and strives to “Put The Money On The Screen!” Neil’s partnership with Barry Rosen and Direct Focus combines for over 50 years of production experience in the film and broadcast industry.


About the company

An Advertising Production Consulting Service, DFI is the Client's production link between their brands, ad agencies, production & post-production suppliers

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