Nazia Pasha

Nazia Pasha


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Ever since I was thirteen, I found myself spending half my time participating in some type of community service without truly understanding what volunteering means, not only to me, but also to the society at large. I first began volunteering at the Reston Regional Library, helping sort books, filing, etc. After a year of volunteering at the library, I heard about the volunteer program at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital, I immediately hopped on to that opportunity. After I went through the application process, and the interviewing process, I became a part of INOVA’s volunteering team. At INOVA, I helped discharge and transport patients, and deliver items to and from the pharmacy. I worked there for about three years, and in all honesty, it was probably one of the better decisions I made. Volunteering at the hospital helped broaden my scope on possible careers I would undertake, as well as giving me real-life experiences of working in an actual hospital setting.


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Fairfax, VA