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Nat Rudulph


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Selma, Alabama, business builder and entrepreneur Nat Rudulph divides his time between running two locally owned enterprises and actively participating in two churches, where he serves as a bi-vocational minister. Possessing nearly three decades of sales experience, Nat Rudulph founded his first business more than 15 years ago. Today, he owns and operates Cover It, a retailer offering blinds as well as interior and exterior paints, and Carpet Plus, a full-service flooring business. He has successfully grown both companies over the last decade by providing quality service and expertise to a regional customer base.

Devoted to his faith and to spreading the word of God, Nat Rudulph became an ordained minister of Liberty Bible Fellowship in 1996. Over the years, he has traveled internationally on missionary trips with the church, most recently to Nepal. Before assuming responsibilities at Liberty Bible Fellowship, Nat Rudulph earned a bachelor of theology with a focus in education from Florida Beacon College and Seminary. He also has a bachelor of arts from the University of South Florida.


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