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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Toenail Fungus Remedy



Fungi flourish in warm and damp places so toenails are their perfect infection sites. Suspect it if you observe your nails to thicken, become brittle and ragged, change in dark color though it would start just as a small white patch and turn yellow before darkening. But do not fret yet as hydrogen peroxide can be used as a toenail fungus remedy.


The 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide is not only for cleaning wounds or blood stain remedy as it is can also handle toenail fungi. You may say that it is just another toenail fungus remedy but the world online has publications stating it to be good (maybe even great) at this.


In truth, this toenail fungus remedy has been used in various ways for this sole reason. Some soak their fungi-infected toes in it for 15 to 30 minutes. They do it in undiluted hydrogen peroxide but for those who find this solution irritating mix half part water in their soaking solution. You have to have time in doing this though because you have to do it in the morning and before you go to sleep.


Interestingly, a woman published online that she used a 12% hydrogen peroxide. She did not soak her toes but just dropped the solution on her nails with a Q-tip a couple of times per day. She admitted that this method hurts though bearable and that it works.


What is more, hydrogen peroxide can be used in alternate with another toenail fungus remedy like apple cider vinegar, alcohol or something else. Some even use it with Vicks by swabbing it on the nail first.


Certainly, hydrogen peroxide is a versatile toenail fungus remedy with several ways to use it. You can follow the above methods but if it irritates you skin or is ineffective in your case, please stop and get your physician’s opinion regarding it.

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