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MyVaporClean.com offers a variety
of durable steam cleaning machines. 

1781 Anchor Ave, Petersburg, Virginia, 23803, United States

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MyVaporClean.com's Summary:


MyVaporClean.com offers a wide variety of modern and durable steam cleaning machines, sold directly from the factory. The company works with manufacturers to provide cutting-edge products unique to MyVaporClean.com. The largest importer of Italian steam cleaners in the United States, MyVaporClean.com's prices do not increase even if overseas currency does. Steam cleaning is a method long used in Italy, where the machines are manufactured and tested. The company also imports steam cleaners from China. The family-owned business has a 19,000-square-foot facility in Virginia, where consumers can find both products and service.


MyVaporClean.com sells its machines new and unopened, delivered via FedEx and typically ship out the door in one day. A lifetime warranty covers parts that include boilers and heating elements beyond the full one-year warranty. In addition to a focus on efficiency, MyVaporClean.com takes aesthetics into consideration when fashioning its products with manufacturers. Usability also is a factor, as the machines include steel cylindrical boilers for efficiency, modern circuit boards, and digital displays. MyVaporClean.com's machines' parts also include pressure regulators and detachable hoses.


The cleaners carry all necessary safety certifications and, by purchasing these heavy-duty machines upfront, customers save money in cleaning services and products over the long term. People living with asthma find the devices especially useful, as they remove allergens such as mold and mildew. Operating on highly heated water, steam cleaning is free of chemicals, removing the presence of odor and residue that are caused by other products. Touted as green products from entities including the “Green” Hotels Association, MyVaporClean.com's steam cleaners require less than two quarts of water per one-hour cleaning session.


In contrast, washcloth scrubbing, rinsing, and mopping can require several gallons. Because the customer is not using bottles of cleaning products, there is no disposing of plastics. The machines can be used on all levels of cleaning, from heavy duty to light. MyVaporClean.com is a member of ISSA, an international cleaning trade organization, and the National Pest Management Association.



MyVaporClean.com's Area of Specialtize:

Bed Bug Infrestations, Carpet, Floors, Fabric



MyVaporClean.com's Keywords:

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