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My Favorite City specializes in providing a wide range of Corporate Gift Basket, Bulk souvenirs, and Bulk postcards tailored to your favorite destinations.
Unlike traditional gift basket companies, they offer more than just common food items! Their gifts feature a wide range of quality Gourmet Food, Travel Books, & Fun Souvenirs - all tailored to a specific city, state, or country. They buy from hundreds of suppliers around the world, including many small businesses and specialty shops. They continuously add new items to ensure you are sending a memorable gift each time.

You can purchase one of their Standard Gift Baskets, Design Your Own Gift Basket, or purchase Individual Items for use as Favors, Promotional Items, or in your own Gift Baskets.

About the company

Shop for Gifts, Gift Baskets and Food Gift Baskets tailored to your favorite destinations from My Favorite City. They are the provider of quality themed gift baskets; food gift baskets & unique gifts.

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10307 West Broad St, Suite 153 Richmond, Virginia  23060
United States