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Jackfruit: A Bicycle Adventure Through Latin America

refugee camps.” He looked off into the distance with a haunted look in his eyes. I

didn’t pry further into it.

“Commando huh? I trained with an army guy in Kung Fu.”

“You know Kung Fu?”

“I was an instructor.”

“I can get you a job in Colombia.”


“Yes. We need a guy like you. Great pay, you get a beautiful house, lots of
beautiful women, and lots of drugs, if you want. We can get that for you.”

“I can do without the drugs. Beautiful women, now we’re talking. What’s the
job position?”

“Hand to hand combat training for body guards and mercenaries.”

“How much is the pay?”

“How much do you want? I can get you up to fifty thousand dollars. My friend
and I are starting a personal guard company. We can use a guy like you. Here’s my

“I’ll think about it.” I replied as I took the card.

“You know how to get in touch with me. Call me when you come to Cali.”

I started talking to Karen, and she finally convinced me that extending the trip
was a very good idea. She saved up as a waitress and a bartender after her army
service in Israel, before traveling for the past four months.

“Dave, three months is very short you know.”

“Yeah, but everyone in the states said that was a long time.”

“Pah! You Americans are all wimps! What is wrong with your people? Most of
you don’t even leave your home town. At any time there are a half million Israelis
traveling around the world long term. It is so important to travel!”

“Well, that’s why I’m here. To meet beautiful and charming women like you.”
I replied with a smile.

“Well,” she smiled, “you are brave, and crazy to go on a bicycle. Three months
is very short though. What can you see in three months? What can you do? You
can’t change yourself in three months. You need at least six months to change.”

I heard a commotion to my right, and turned to see a Peruvian guy pleading
with Anita. “You are so beautiful. Will you come with me on a date?” He asked

“No thank you.” She replied. I looked at Anita and grinned. “Got yourself a
fan?” She rolled her eyes. 

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