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About Mr. Eugene Castro

Eugene Castro serves as President of Green Earth Consulting in Aberdeen, New Jersey. Focused on improving and promoting eco-friendly solutions in the professional workplace, Mr. Castro provides support to companies in a variety of business sectors, while ensuring business development, growth, and profit.

Alongside his efforts to promote sustainability in the business arena, Eugene Castro is Co-Founder of Additionally, Mr. Castro served as Principal for a condominium construction project in Brooklyn, New York, where he focused his efforts on an eco-friendly design and development with the betterment of the environment as its core objectives.

In addition to his efforts in the prevailing “green” market, Eugene Castro maintains a commitment to healthy living as President of Snap Fitness of Aberdeen LLC. Mr. Castro launched the new franchise location in 2008, holding top responsibilities in marketing, construction, scheduling, and design.

Supplementing his business career, Eugene Castro is a professional poker player, competing in numerous tournaments across the United States. With more than $500K in tournament winnings, Eugene Castro boasts trophies as the Grand Poker Series Champ and the CEO Poker Champ of 2008, the same year that he competed in five final tables.

Apart from his demanding professional agenda, Eugene Castro is a devoted husband and father of two. Eugene Castro graduated from New York Law School with a Juris Doctor and from City College of New York with a Bachelor of Arts. He and his family currently reside in Holmdel, New Jersey.

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