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MMCAP Asset Management

MMMCAP Asset Mgmt Provides Investors With Solid Returns In A Volatile Economy

MMCAP Asset Management


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With headquarters in the Cayman Islands, MMMCAP Asset Management provides investors with solid returns in a volatile economy. The hedge fund employs strict risk management strategies and investment protocols in order to insulate its members from economic downturns and political instability. In the past, MMMCAP Asset Management has achieved high-quality results by exploiting investment opportunities that media consultants and other hedge funds have overlooked. Currently, the firm focuses largely on merger arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, and private placement opportunities.Two Canadian hedge fund managers, Hillel Meltz and Matt MacIsaac, founded MMMCAP Asset Management after several years with other Canadian funds. Both Meltz and MacIsaac are Certified Financial Advisors and hold degrees in Commerce. Meltz attended the University of Toronto; MacIsaac, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Today, they maintain offices in Toronto, Vanco

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