Miguel Jimenez

Miguel Jimenez

Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim

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Miguel’s Mobile Car Wash is a full service car detailing and power washing company providing outstanding service in the Orange County area. We can clean, disinfect, vaccuum and hand wash your vehicle wherever it is parked. Our team of car washers work hard to remove odors and make you car shine like new.Whether you need to return a leased or rented car or get months worth of dirt off your car, Miguel’s Mobile Car Wash is here to help you. We have all the equipment we need to wash, wax and vaccuum your car wherever you are, saving you time.No car is too tough for us to tackle. Our mobile car wash company will have your car, truck or SUV looking shiny and new in no time, while you are hard at work or caring for your kids at home.

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(714) 425-2667


900 W Lincoln Ave,  Anaheim, CA 92805
United States