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MichaelS Almony
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MichaelS Almony


United States

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Michael S. Almony – Interior Designer


Michael S. Almnoy is an interior decorator who specializes in luxury design. He is based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.


Almony recalls that his love for interior design dates back as far as he can remember. While other neighborhood kids were busy playing football, young Michael was thinking of new ways to ‘spice up’ his family’s living room. “When I was six years old,” he says. “I used spray-paint to stencil a carousel design on my mother’s lamp shade. I had this idea that I could make it spin and cast shadows of horsies on the walls, but I never figured out how to make it spin.”


Although it may sound like a minor childhood accident, the carousel incident proved devastating for the Almony family. Shortly after discovering the stenciled lamp shade, Michael’s father left the household, emigrating to South America to ‘start anew.’ Michael recalls that his father’s departure was hard for his sisters and mother, but not too difficult for the young boy. “It gave me time to practice my art without being ridiculed,” he says. “And that really allowed me to grow as a designer.”


Later on in life, while attending college, Michael S. Almony would discover that his father’s departure was beneficial in more ways than one. While he didn’t want to admit it as a child, the departure of his father was actually quite a traumatic experience for Michael. After years of suppression, the designer was finally able to come to terms with the event through artistic expression. He began using a lot of reds and blacks in his work, and his eye for a darker aesthetic caught the attention of several affluent clients.


Today, Michael S. Almony is one of the most well-regarded gothic designers in the North East. His work can be seen in households all across America, and he has even designed a few homes in France and Spain. Almony also has a studio in Philadelphia, where prospective clients can gain an understanding of his aesthetic.


Michael S. Almony is engaged to long-time life partner Andrew Spinietti. The couple has an adopted son named Juan. They live in New Hope, Pa. 

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