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Michael Ramos M.B.A

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SEO Reseller Plans, SEO Reseller Packages

M3H 5T5, Canada

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Today's Search engines drive 85% of all first time traffic to a site. A search engine has organic and sponsored results. The organic results attract 85% of all search engines. Only 12%-15% will be sponsored. You definitely have to come in the top list of the organic results to attract traffic, rather the most targeted traffic. OySource effective role comes here. OySource assures the highest ROI for all the projects.

By outsourcing to OySource you immediately enjoy your agency discount for any of the following services:

Full Optimization : Search engine optimization : Search engine marketing

OySource offering both on-page and off-page optimization

The formula can be described as On Page Optimization Factor (20%-$30%) + Off Page Optimization (70%-%80) = Highest ROI

We set very high, realistic goals and do not believe in misleading our clients. Search Engine Optimization, also known as ranking is a gradual process. At the end of the period agreed upon, we guarantee top ranking results.

On-page Optimization

On page Optimization are the changes you make to your site physically, this includes optimizing Html Design Elements, optimizing internal link structure, writing good contents that suits the site needs. The major On-Page Factors (20%-30%) of search engine optimization are:

Meta Tags (some engines)

Keywords Words in the Title Tag

Keyword Density in the content

Keyword Density in each Page

Words in Headings

Words in Bold

Keywords in URL

Anchor text links

HTML Validation

Listings in directory

Beginning Words

Link Structure

"Indexability" of the page and

And many of Other Factors

Why on page factor is that much important? " There are "over 200 SEO factors" that Google uses to rank pages in the Google search results (SERPs). "

What are the search engine optimization rules? "Should you wish to achieve a high ranking, the various confirmed and suspected Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Your site has to rank. If your site is not ranking for the targeted keywords then conversion rate of your site will be less. The ultimate goal to run a site is to have business. To make conversion rate of a site higher, on page factor is important. So to have a best quality site is to have an on page factor optimization."

Off-page optimization

Off-page Optimization is optimization done off the Page, like getting relevant links from other sites, link exchange with quality relevant sites, choosing relevant anchor text from the perfect location on the different pages of different sites etc.

Why off page factor is that much important? " Due to the ease with which on-page factors can be manipulated search engines now place more weight on so called off-page factors. Google made this form of ranking famous with its patented PageRank algorithm but researchers discussed using ideas such as link anchor text as far back as 1994. Off-page criteria are obtained from sources other than the website. There are "over 200 SEO factors, probably the most important of these criteria are the quantity of inbound-links using anchor text containing your target keywords. These should come from pages covering similar topics, preferably from large, long established authority sites. In the case of Google the higher the PageRank the better".

OySource offering all SEO factors (on-page & off-page) scroll down the list to name a few:

Link popularity building

Links are the ultimate driving force behind all Search Engines today. A quality back link not only helps in Search Engine Ranking but is also capable of developing your brand as unique, bringing quality targeted traffic to your site.

The importance of link popularity varies with each search engine, but the basic premise is that every link to your web site is an endorsement of your site's quality, and the more endorsements you have, the higher your site is likely to be listed.

One way linking

Most Search Engines including Google, place a great amount of value and weight on a site's link popularity. The basic idea, behind this is you have to have more incoming links than outgoing links. If your site is viewed by the public as a quality site, then you will automatically receive random linking to your site with little work on your part. Two ways to increase your chances of one way linking is to provide quality content for your site and the other one is to get your site listed in the major human edited directories. Currently the two most important human edited directories are Yahoo and the Open Directory Project (www.dmoz.org).

Reciprocal Link building

Reciprocal linking or two way linking is where you provide a return link to the other Web site in return for a link to yours, which is less valuable than one way direct links. This type of linking is done when it is difficult to get one way links.

Manual Press Submissions

Press Release Submissions is an effective way of online marketing. It is a great method of conveying your news to your target audience. It reaches a large and constantly increasing number of decision-makers, which makes it an interesting medium for corporate communications.

What is a Press Release? It is a document prepared in a standard format that is intended for the purpose of informing the media about an event, development or an introduction in general related to your product, service or company.

Manual Article Submissions

Article Submission is a legitimate strategy where you publish content to article directories and at the end of your article you get links back to your website. High quality links back to your site is one of the biggest factors looked at by the search engines on where your website ranks.

What is Article Submission? Article Submission is the process of taking informational articles and publishing them to article directories. Informational articles are not self-promotional based, but give people actual valuable information regarding your industry. There are many advantages to this as a strategy.

Manual Directory Submission

Manual Directory submissions are one of the best ways to promote your website and achieving good visibility in search engines. Anyone can have a well-designed website, but without professional search engine submission the world will never know about it.

In order to get best out of web Directory submission Service, it is of utmost importance that your web site URL is human submitted i.e. by Manual Directory Submission. We submit your website to Free and Non- reciprocal Web Directory, which are SEO friendly. After completion of your submission we provide the Quality report which will show where is your website submitted.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking and social news allow you to specifically target what you want to see. Instead of going into a search engine, typing something in, and then searching for that needle in a haystack, you can quickly narrow down the items to what you are looking for.

What is social bookmarking? It is tagging a website and saving it for later. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the web. And, because your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with friends.


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