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An experienced business executive with years of training in public health and health care administration and policy, Dr. Michael Everest expresses his leadership values with several for-profit and nonprofit enterprises. Among other positions, he currently serves as chief executive officer and chief financial officer for California Vein Centers, an innovative medical company specializing in the treatment of varicose veins. In addition, California Vein Centers operates a separate health clinic for those seeking quality care at a pro bono rate. Furthermore, Dr. Michael Everest leads Residents Medical Group as chief executive officer, president, and chairman. In this position, he guides the medical consultancy firm in its mission to combine qualified medical residents with the accredited programs and institutions they would most benefit from. Additionally, Dr. Everest has served as chairman and chief executive officer for Biotech, Inc., since 2009.

In addition to fulfilling his professional responsibilities, Dr. Michael Everest enjoys pursuing various outside interests, including reading and writing poetry, playing chess, and studying philosophy. 


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