Michael A Civin

Michael A Civin

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Michael Civin, PhD, who currently practices medicine in New York City, earned a hefty and well-known education before beginning his lengthy career. First attending Harvard College, Civin graduated in 1968, earning his B.A. degree with cum laude honors. He then continued his studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine for the next year. However, he moved onto the University of Oregon after 1969 and by 1970, received his Masters of Arts degree. It took more than a decade for Civin to continue pursuing his education, doing so at Adelphi University with another Master of Arts degree in 1986 -- a degree specific to clinical psychology. This particular line of study interested him significantly and he continued this pursuit, receiving his PhD in 1988 from the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University. He completed his postdoctoral certificate in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in 1993, then additional educational studies thereafter as he worked within the field.


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