MEI Corp.

MEI Corp.

Marketing East Industries Corporation

Motorola Business Two-Way Radios

About Me

Marketing East Industries Corporation is Motorola market development distributor since 1996. It’s a wholesaler of Motorola two-way radios supplier and distributor. It’s also providing a sales support, customer support, customer promotion, warranty support and more.

MEI corp. offers clients a wide range of model types for Construction place, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Healthcare and Retail.

We provide sales support, customer service, warranty support, marketing, customer promotions and more. We are committed to providing our dealers with the best products and services to increase their sales of the Motorola Two-Way Radio product line.

Our dealers satisfaction and profitability is our main goal. We achieve this goal by knowing our dealers individual needs and maintaining our standards over their requirements.


About the company

Marketing East Industries Corporation (MEI), established in 1996, is Motorola’s Market Development Distributor. 

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22 Lillian Place Patchogue, NY 11772
United States