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Max Phelps

What are solar panels? 

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Solar panels exploit an influential yet free energy source - the sun. In a solitary hour the sun transmits more energy to the world's surface than the world uses in a year. 

Our aide plots how you can utilize solar panels to make utilization of this free wellspring of energy to create power and boiling point water for you home. 

Sorts of solar panels 

The two primary sorts of dynamic solar panel frameworks are solar water warming and photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. 

While they may appear to be comparative, and both comprise of panels on your top, solar water warming and solar PV are truly diverse. 


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Solar PV or solar power utilizes the energy from the sun to generate power which you can then use in your home and/or fare onto the lattice. Solar PV is an unmanageable engineering (£7,000 for a normal framework) however monetary help is as of now accessible under the food in tax plan. Discover all the more about photovoltaic (PV) solar panels here. 

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