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Stock market quotation - Some
easy terms you should understand 

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Stock quotes actually are the prices of the things that are sold on a stock exchange. This quote could be for mutual funds, stocks, options or ETFs. It’s important that you remember that quotes just refer to the price on which can purchase or sell a given instrument. Fortunately, it is not tough to grasp stock market quotation if you know some basic terms. The first one in the list is Market Cap. It is the shortened form of "Market Capitalization." It is the value of a given company in terms of the presently outstanding stock. Putting it the other way around, it’s the price multiplied the whole number of shares, which were issued in a company. And loosely speaking, it’s the price of a company. The term Dividend refers to the total a company has already paid out as dividends during the trailing year. Actually, dividends are the payments that are made to the company’s shareholders in specified times for rewarding stockholders. But this doesn’t mean a company will keep on paying this. And they in general don’t like cutting dividends.

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Dividend Yield is the total amount of dividend divided by the stock price. It’ll tell you the total amount that you’d expect to make just in case the amount of dividend stays the same in the year to come, providing the stock price remains the same too. But this is very unlikely to happen, actually. To understand stock market quotation, you should also understand EPS. It is the acronym for "Earnings Per Share" and is the amount of money a company has managed to profit in the final twelve months. This doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily make that amount of cash. Likewise, it’s doubtful whether it’ll be the real amount of dividend. Actually, this number just shows the total of the net worth of the company that has changed during the last 12 months. The "P/E Ratio" is actually the "Price/Earnings Ratio." It’s the price ratio of the stock to the EPS. It’s in general considered a positive sign for the ratio to appear lower (the lower, the better). It’s because this indicates much more earnings/$ of a stock price of a stock. As for an instance, if the company has $10/share and $2 of earnings per each share, it’ll have the P/E ratio at 5.


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