Mary Phillipa Sledge

Mary Phillipa Sledge

Executive Producer

SledgePro Media LLC

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CLIO Award-winning media producer Mary Phillipa Sledge currently serves as the proprietor and principal producer of SledgePro Media, LLC. A descendant of the Pidgeon-Sledge horse breeding family in East Memphis, Tennessee, she has spent much of her life involved with equestrianism. Among her accomplishments with horses are winning show jumping championships and earning a feature in a 2013 edition of The National Horseman. Professionally, Mary Phillipa Sledge played an important role in the Dallas advertising industry for over 12 years before relocating to Memphis, where she presently resides. Along with dedicating her career to marketing and public relations, she has advised Hollywood productions as a set decoration assistant, consultant, and art department coordinator. 

Along with her professional accomplishments, Ms. Sledge contributes to numerous philanthropic groups. On the Grosvenor Council of The National Geographic Society, she has traveled around the world twice on behalf of the organization and participated in its Endearing Voices Project and Big Cat Initiative. These endeavors preserve the culture and languages of remote global villages and save African lion species, respectively. Some of other groups that benefit from her support include Bridge2Rwanda, the Phillip D. Pidgeon Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, and Greenpeace International. Moreover, Mary Phillipa Sledge aids equestrian groups such as Horses for Hope and belongs to the American Saddlebred Museum’s Board of Trustees and the Germantown Charity Horse Show’s Board of Directors.


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