Mark R Lonquist M.D.

Physician, Medical Director
Estrella Mountain Medical Group

United States
United States

About Mark R Lonquist

Dr. Mark Lonquist
Dr. Mark Lonquist has been in the medical field for upwards of 10 years, and he has the experience and medical expertise to show for it. Dr. Mark Lonquist’s various positions in healthcare have gained him the status he enjoys today as the Director and a Physician at Estrella Mountain Medical Group in Goodyear, Arizona. With his two-year residency at Canadian College of Family Physicians completed in 1994, Dr. Mark Lonquist spent a short time at Locum Tenens: Family Medicine in Creston, British Columbia from June to July 1994. In a moment that would solidify his future as a doctor, Mark R. Lonquist received his medical license in the state of Arizona in1995, making his career in medicine official. Mark Lonquist’s big break came in the summer 1994 when he began working in the emergency room in Burnaby Hospital in Burnaby, Canada. In addition to working in the ER, Mark R. Lonquist was also a part of the Burnaby Hospital Associated Physicians Replacement Service.

Medical Career
After nearly one year at Burnaby Hospital, Mark Lonquist moved on to the Maryvale Hospital Medical Center (MHMC) Department of Emergency Medicine, where he continued to practice medicine as an Urgent Care Physician for four years. During this time he started to develop his Family Practice office,which became Estrella Mountain Medical Group. Mark Lonquist continued to pursue opportunities in the medical industry and worked closely with Samaritan Health Systems, the company who recruited him to Arizona.He was elected to several committees at Samaritan Prime Care Network and worked closely with Samaritan Occupational Health. In fact his clinic spent half their time devoted to Occupational Health. Dr Lonquist worked closely with such premier companies like Rubbermaid,Lockheed Martin,Walmart and Frys,and multiple others also.

Academic Pursuits
Prior to his employment at various medical centers, Dr. Mark Lonquist spent his time doing a different type of work—schoolwork. Dr. Mark Lonquist attended Canada’s University of Victoria and received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry in 1988. Lonquist then made his way to British Columbia to study at the university and earn his M.D. in 2002, as well as a degree in Family Practice in 2004.

Dr. Mark Lonquist participates in the Physician Leadership council at West Valley Hospital, a group of physicians and hospital managers who strategize to best provide quality care to patients. As a physician, Dr. Mark Lonquist coordinates medical care for the players, staff, and family of the Cleveland Indians when they are in Arizona.

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