Mark Belenkii

Mark Belenkii

Business Consultant


About Me

I am an experienced business man, with a vast knowledge of how the corporate world works. I’m interested in continuing to grow professionally, but also in helping others succeed. I value integrity and respect above all and I am very good at noticing someone’s potential.

I graduated from Northeastern University, with a degree in engineering and liberal arts. I’ve been doing business in one form or another ever since. I currently own and oversee a network of luxury services associated with provision of customer service and transportation/delivery to different locations in the Boston area. I’m proud of my people skills – I am able to maintain transparency and mutual understanding when it comes to corporate relationships. Furthermore, I’m fluent in Russian – I act as an interpreter/translator for our Russian business clients and strategic partners.

My people skills were developed early – in the past, I owned a company which provided real estate solutions. I was also helping out with property management and collections of rent payments from tenants. These activities helped strengthened my communication skills; in addition, they taught me how to be more patient with others and how to negotiate successfully.


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Boston, MA
United States