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Throughout his life and career, film executive Marc Shmuger has maintained involvement in a vast array of professional and charitable interests, commanding an impressive track record in each of his endeavors. Double majoring in film studies and English at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, Marc Shmuger laid the foundations for his future profession. Graduating from Wesleyan University in June 1980 with a B.A. and membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Marc Shmuger eventually moved to Los Angeles to launch his career in film. Performing in a creative capacity on films like Dead of Winter, Marc Shmuger began his executive career at Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. as the Senior Vice President of Creative Advertising, followed by a stint as Executive Vice President of Marketing. From Columbia, Marc Shmuger moved into a role as Executive Vice President of Marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Marc Shmuger next assumed responsibilities as President of Marketing for Universal Pictures, where he would spend the next 11 years of his career. Ascending from President of Marketing to Vice Chairman, Marc Shmuger built a strong history of professional accomplishment at Universal Pictures, overseeing such record-breaking accomplishments as opening four number one hits in a row in 2000. Promoted to Chairman in March 2006, Marc Shmuger continued to add value to the Universal Pictures organization, breaking both domestic and global box office records in 2007 and 2008. Aside from his work, Marc Shmuger has volunteered his time, energy, and resources to a wide range of charitable and humanitarian organizations in the United States and abroad. An active member of the Board of Directors at the Fulfillment Fund, Marc Shmuger helps underserved children throughout Los Angeles obtain the necessary funding for college. In addition, Marc Shmuger has donated to such groups as Hamura House, A Place Called Home, GO Campaign, the Alliance for Children’s Rights, Orphans of Rwanda, and the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. In his spare time, Marc Shmuger enjoys basketball and relaxes by practicing meditation.


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