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Board-certified in preventive medicine and public health, and occupational and environmental medicine, Marc Braman, MD, MPH, of Woodburn, Oregon, provides comprehensive care through his private practice, Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, Inc. Dr. Marc Braman believes that the best treatments come from a combination of natural and lifestyle-based therapies, coupled with conventional medicine. Above all, his approach is rooted in common sense. Over time, he has developed a devoted base of patients who recognize the effectiveness of this approach, which promotes wholistic healing of the mental, physical, spiritual, and social aspects of the patient’s life. 

In addition to owning and operating his practice, Marc Braman, MD, MPH, works to educate the public and the medical community about lifestyle medicine. He was a founding member and served as the President and then Executive Director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). He is the founder and is on the board of the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation. He also sits on the steering committee of the new federally-funded National Coordinating Center for Integrative Medicine and is the President of the Healthcare Advocate Institute, a nonprofit he helped create to get evidence-based information on the broad spectrum of healthcare treatment options to patients and professionals alike.
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Owner at Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, Inc
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MD from Loma Linda University
MPH from Loma Linda University
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Inventing, outdoor recreation, photography, exploring


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