Lorraine Ann Lonnie

Lorraine Ann Lonnie

Homeopathic Practitioner

Salt Lake Homeopathy 

About Me

A homeopathic practitioner at Salt Lake Homeopathy, Lorraine Ann Lonnie enhances clients’ emotional and physical well-being by developing programs based on herbal remedies and by teaching them to overcome negative spiritual paradigms. Also, Lonnie was a licensed massage therapist, she has experience in Sports massage, Thai massage, acupressure, reflexology, and craniosacral therapy. Moreover, Lorraine Ann Lonnie has personally benefited from homeopathic care and understands its effectiveness. 

Residing in Utah since 2006, Lonnie learned about the power of homeopathy from her own experience. Three years after moving there from California, she sought medical advice from various sources before making an appointment at Gene Harkins’ Salt Lake Homeopathy. Harkins performed muscle testing and developed an individualized homeopathic treatment program that supported her organ systems. Shortly thereafter, Lonnie’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health improved. In 2011, she enrolled at the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences and learned about topics ranging from heavy metal toxicity to hormone health. She also completed courses at the Trinity School of Natural Health, the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals, and the Universal Life Church completing her doctorate of divinity and doctorate of natural health.


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