Lohagarh Real Estate

Lohagarh Real Estate

A Property Owner selling Land in jaipur, Rajasthan

Mr Bhagat Singh


About Me

Stated in 2014 and soon we became the fastest growing Real Estate Firm in Jaipur. We are Lohagarh Real Estate Pvt Ltd. This firm is a part of Lohagarh Group of Companies which offers services in industries like Hospitality, Natural Stones, NGO and now in Jaipur and Rajasthan Real Estate. But the main question which arrives is that why one should trust Lohagarh Group of companies? Well there are more than 1 answer.

1. Lohagarh Real Estate is not just an estate agency but they are the owner of many farm and agricultural land in Jaipur & its nearby area, the gold land of Barmer, Packpadra which has come into limelight in 2013 as a brand new oil refinery is going to start there and this also means that a new city will be developed over there and the deal between Japan & Indian government. The DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) project where new smart cities will be developed from New Delhi to Mumbai and we lohagarh have lots of land in this belt.

2. Lohagarh Real Estate is the only property dealer in Jaipur, Rajasthan which has agreed to secure their clients investment by offering a money back guarantee in 3 years. Now this means that if someone buys land from Lohagarh and in 3 years they don't get an ROI of 100% then they can sell that land back to lohagath at sale price + 100% extra.

Now if you are satisfied with the deals and offers presented by us than contact Mr Singh at 9680919999


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Have a look at this firm at http://lohagarhrealestate.com

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23-A, Nandpuri Marg, Nadpuri Colony, Hawa Sarak, Civil Lines, Jaipur Rajasthan 302006