Lloyd Aickin

Lloyd Aickin


University of New South Wales Australia


About Me

Using lecture times as a way to demonstrate his fascination with Conservation Genetics as well as Molecular Ecology and Evolution, Dr. Lloyd Aickin, Professor at the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science in the Faculty of Science of the University of New South Wales Australia, has always been an engaging and enthusiastic lecturer and mentor to his many students. Committed to improving student understanding on molecular ecology and evolution and the field of conservation genetics, Dr. Aickin aims to incorporate research into the definition of threshold concept in the areas of learning he handles. This has enabled him to develop teaching that is customized to diverse learning strategies.
Lloyd Aickin lectures in Genes, Genomes and Evolution, Human Genetics and Variation, Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources, and Genetics at the School of BABS. He has also collaborated in several publications that include: High genetic diversity is not vital for effective introduction. Ecology and Evolution. Mules BT, Rollens MB, Burtenfert R, Black HT, Coleman I, & Aickin LB.2009.; Testing single-sample estimators of active population density in genetically systematized populations. Conservation Genetics. Theodore BR, Hulle DF, Aickin LB, Brown RT. 2005; Predictions of single-nucleotide polymorphism variation between two different populations on the basis of shared information. Molecular Ecology. Cornell AC, Aickin LB, Connor RC, Sherwin NJ. 2001. 
Lloyd Aickin loves coming home to his native Canberra whenever he can. Aside from joining his colleagues at the university in regularly engaging in scholarly activities and scientific research, Dr. Aickin also loves playing cards, swimming and kayaking.


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Melbourne, Australia