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Over the course of his lengthy career in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, Lindsay Rosenwald has become a recognized leader in the investment in and management of numerous portfolio companies, helping them reach critical stages of growth. With a diversified academic and professional background, Dr. Rosenwald earned his B.S. in Finance from Penn State University before working as a health care-focused, independent management consultant. Three years later, Lindsay Rosenwald enrolled in medical school at Temple University in Philadelphia and subsequently received his M.D. in 1983. Following completion of his clinical training in internal medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital and a brief period in private practice, Dr. Rosenwald combined his skill set and began the next phase of his career as a medical and financial analyst on Wall Street. After working in both investment banking and securities analysis, Dr. Rosenwald Became interested in biotechnology venture-capital. He saw a great deal of value in the Development stage portfolios of existing pharmaceutical companies and felt he could acquire some of those assets , recruit serious and experienced pharmaceutical executives, and start or finance such companies. Over a 20-year period, Dr. Rosenwald founded or backed companies that eventually licensed well over 100 clinical-stage medicines. Some of Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald’ s numerous successes include the 2009 sale of Cougar Biotechnology to Johnson & Johnson for close to $1 billion and the FDA approval of PolaRx BioPharmaceutical’s leukemia drug Trisenox, one of the fastest regulatory approvals obtained in FDA history.  


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