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Lee Krahenbuhl

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Lee Krahenbuhl was born in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He lived in this community all of his childhood years until young adulthood. Rice Lake is a small town full of lifetime residents and a community spirit in Barron County. This was considered the “largest” town in the area, the leader of the neighboring communities. Retail shopping, athletic teams, and major activities were always sought after in Rice Lake. Growing up, Lee was involved with many things. He was an active participant in cub scouts, the pinewood derby, swim lessons in the lake, little league baseball, American legion baseball, softball, basketball, and football. This especially stimulated an interest in college and professional sports, which evolved into a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers and the Marquette Golden Eagles. Lee Krahenbuhl follows the details of each team regularly.

As a young man, he began his hard work ethic. He began working at age 14 bussing tables at the local King Edward’s Inn for $1 an hour. Speed and efficiency were engrained in him. Little did he know then, that his wedding reception would be held there years later. He landed a union job, with a local grocery store at age 16. He was considered one of the fastest and most efficient stockers of about 100 cases of stock per night. During the summer time Lee held down the full time job with the Rice Lake Parks and Recreation Department. Forty hours a week, Lee worked on the lake weed cutter, a machine that sliced off weeds under the surface of the water and then pulled the cut pieces out of the lake onto a conveyer. Load after load, were transported and dumped onto shore, all summer. This helped the effort of lake “clean-up” and limited the exposure to “swimmers itch”, while improving the lake’s “boatibility”. An interesting entertainment, was enjoying the occasional snapping turtle that traveled up the running conveyor. The weeds needed to go, but the turtles were returned to their home, thus preserving the wildlife and allowing for a little fun at the same time.

Education was held in high regard. High School studies were geared toward all the sciences and mathematics. The focus became directed toward Dental School by his junior year of high school. The first two years of college at The University of Wisconsin flew by. The third year of undergraduate studies was spent at The University of Minnesota. With outstanding grades and aptitude testing, he was admitted to Marquette University School of Dentistry. For four straight years –dental school encompassed his life. He continued his hard work with academics and patient care, completing his dental school requirements early. Because of that, he was able to participate in an externship in Eau Claire with a Marquette affiliated dentist in private practice. He completed his dental boards early at the University of Minnesota, his old stomping grounds. His readiness for private practice was evident.

He began his dental career in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and practiced until his retirement. Lee Krahenbuhl is the Founder of Advanced Care Smile Centers of Oshkosh and Appleton as well as the Redgranite Family Dental Clinic. He practiced cutting edge, patient centered general family dentistry. This included, but was not limited to laser and minimally invasive dentistry. He first achieved a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, then 5 years later earned Mastership status placing him in a elite group of highly qualified international dentists. This entailed thousands of hours of continuing education with many of these hours doing case studies and presentations to his peers at the University of Indiana AGD program. For Mastership, this meant hands-on participation education, all in different required disciplines of dental practice. He traveled all over the United States and Canada, taking qualified courses to be the best dentist possible for his patients and to stay on the cutting edge of providing painless dentistry.

Other interests of Lee Krahenbuhl are quite varied. He has two children, and is highly involved in their lives and that of his wife. He has a great interest in the Civil War, and has wandered through countless American battlefields, studying the strategy, leaders and men of the Civil War. He finds International and local travel both interesting and memorable. There is also a developed interest in lakes—namely fishing, fish hatcheries, planting fish and lake health and conservation. Landscaping and building projects are a constant ongoing endeavor. A sincere interest exists in wildlife and nature conservation. He is active as a volunteer with AARP in helping the elderly preserve their rights in an ever changing world. Lee is a proud owner of rescue Dobermans. He saved them from a very short and unhappy life of starvation and neglect. By providing training, love and a forever home- their lives are safe and secure. His variety of life interests have been full and rewarding.


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