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Founded in 1989, Lassen Tours was created by tour industry veterans to provide travel experiences that allow customers to immerse themselves in different cultures and landscapes and learn about history and architecture from knowledgeable tour guides. Lassen itineraries are designed to give travelers an introduction to major American cities.


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  Lassen Tours - Professional Summary   A travel agency and tour operator headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lassen Tours has organized trips to destinations around the world since 1989. The company works with travelers from a variety of national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds who hail from the United States and abroad. Lassen Tours carries out many of its U.S. tours in both Mandarin and English as a service to its many Chinese tourists. Most of the firm’s friendly, well-trained tour guides are bilingual and love interacting with and answering questions from clients. One of Lassen Tours’ primary goals is to engage visitors in the local culture by incorporating information and anecdotes about the area’s history, culture, and culinary traditions, among other details.Lassen Tours maintains a fleet of vehicles ranging from 15-passenger vans to 58-seat motor coaches designed t

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