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Alpha TEC is able to offer knowledgeable service as an electrical contractor with over 25 years of industry experience. Beyond our technical expertise, though, is our belief in the personal qualities that truly make good craftsmen and make our Residential Electric Service FL to be known to every single person.

What we’ve found in our decades of experience is that an electrician who sees the dignity of their customer as an integrated part of good craftsmanship will simply do better work. Reasons why to choose us only is to We’re fully licensed as an electrical contractor by the state of Florida, We’re CPAN Certified, We are committed to being experts at the installation and service of cost and energy efficient technologies and become recognized as leaders in South Florida’s solar energy and automation systems industries.

We think that you’ll find working with Alpha TEC to be a superior experience. Contact us today. More importantly, we consistently receive excellent customer feedback and are especially proud that our existing clients are long time friends and they appreciate our work and installations. Our end-to-end Home Electrical Repair Services takes care of everything, from planning and financing right through to monitoring. If being treated with integrity and having work done correctly and safely sounds like a good idea to you, then please contact AlphaTEC to work on your next electrical job.


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