Lakewood Louie


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United States

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About Lakewood Louie

Lakewood Louie is an American professional poker player who is best known for his back to back first place finishes at the consecutive editions of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments.

Lakewood Louie started his career in a spectacular way by winning his first bracelet in his very first appearance at the 1978 9th Annual World Series of Poker in Event #7 -$5,000 Limit Draw High and walked away with $21,000 in prize money. This landmark win was a major turning point in his poker career, which established him as a talented player in the poker world. Following this win, Lakewood Louie entered the 10th Annual World Series of Poker and continued his prolific run by finishing first in two consecutive games of the same tournament. He participated and won the championship and bracelets in Event #7 -$1,000 Limit Ace to Five Draw and Event #8 - $2,000 Limit Draw High. His first-place finishes earned him cash prize worth $45,000. Lakewood Louie revealed a royal flush to win the hand, which was something that had happened for the first time in the history of poker.

He continued his winning streak with another first place finish in Event #11 - Limit Razz at the 11th Annual World Series of Poker 1980 held at the Binion’s Gambling Hall. It had a total of 56 poker players battling for total prize pool worth $56,000. In the final table, Lakewood Louie defeated Joe Macchiaverna, a poker pro from Las Vegas to win the event. This win had earned him $33,600 and also the WSOP bracelet for the fourth consecutive time.

Lakewood Louie made a total of $100,600 from four WSOP tournaments and won four cash finishes. In the world of poker, Lakewood Louie will always be remembered as one of the most brilliant players.


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