Kybra Kennels

Kybra Kennels

Siberian Husky & Portuguese Water Dog Puppies 

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Kybra Kennels is a dedicated dog breeder registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Located in Listowel, Ontario, and started in 2002, Kybra Kennels have since then been responsible for the happiness of many proud Siberian huskies and portuguese water dogs owners.

Anita and Brandon Shantz, the owners of Kybra Kennels, are committed to producing healthy and happy puppies. Their adults are healthy and happy as well, and all of their litters are carefully planned. Each puppy is examined by a veterinarian before joining his new family, and already had his first set of needles and dewormers.

Siberian huskies are intelligent and energetic dogs, who love people and other pets. They make great dogs for families, as they need a lot of exercice daily. As for Portuguese water dogs, they are loving and intelligent, and they enjoy being petted. With their soft coat of fur, they are considered hypo-allergenic.

Kybra Kennels' website allows you to take a look at all of their adorable puppies. Their husky puppies come in different coat colours, and either have blue eyes, brown eyes, or one of each, so you are sure to find one that your family and you will fall in love with. You can then contact the kennel's owners to settle an appointment to meet with the puppy you like.

The owners of Kybra Kennels are truly passionate about dogs, and they put integrity and honesty in each of their transactions. Your complete satisfaction when you leave the kennel with your new canine friend is their ultimate goal.

Kybra Kennels
85038 Henfryn Line, RR#1
Ethel, ON N0G 1B0
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