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"Kokusai Express Japan - Cargo import & cargo export
Although Kokusai Express Japan isn't basically import-export oriented company, we still invest very much in our department for cargo import and cargo export. Because our goal is to cover everything a customer might need in a process of a relocation or a business cooperation of an international character. Our experts help you conduct everything without even the slightest troubles. And even when some problem does take place (you can't control everything), Kokusai Express Japan team has the solvation prepared in advance. So regardless of the kind of trouble, you need to have no worries. Your cargo will be safe. During the cargo import as well as during the cargo export process. Hire Kokusai Express Japan professionals, and your goods will be safe!"


About the company

Kokusai Express Japan - Air-sea forwardersKokusai Express Japan is a company covering all sorts of services connected to your home or business relocations. Therefore we offer all sorts of transporting your goods.It doesn't matter to us if you choose air or sea. We have both- air freight forwarders as well as sea freight forwarders in our company. Kokusai Express Japan wants to exceed your needs, not only to satisfy them. So you can also choose a combination of them- air-sea forwarders team. Whatever you might desire, our experts are there to make you happy. Our air freight forwarders can offer a faster forwarding, but probably at a higher price. While our sea freight forwarders offer lower costs, but also a little slower transportation to a final point of distribution. Kokusai Express Japan offers different sorts of forwarding your goods from the producer or a manufacturer to a customer, a market or a final point of distribution. You get to choose what suits you the best. 

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