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Chiropractor at Frederiksberg

The first clinic at Frederiksberg was established in 1985 by the experienced chiropractor Annette Pedersen. Kiropraktisk Klinik is located in the heart of Frederiksberg on the well known cross Falkoner Allé and Godthåbsvejen. The clinic comprises, apart from chiropractor Annette Pedersen, 3 authorized masseurs, 1 zone therapist and 2 secretaries.

At Kiropraktor Frederiksberg we always have time for you, call and book your time at our clinic in Frederiksberg. Chiropractor Frederiksberg looks forward to helping them.

The clinic has its own digital x-ray system and therefore takes pictures on the spot. Everyone who directs is given a time the same day or the day after and therefore we can guarantee that there are no waiting times with us.

Chiropractor Annette Pedersen is a specialist in the examination and diagnosis of genes in the body's movement apparatus, ie. all joints, muscles, connective tissue and nervous system. Our mission is to improve the quality of our patients by helping if the damage has occurred and by limiting the extent of the injury and preventing it.

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Monday - Friday at. 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday at. 10.00 - 12.00


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Chiropractor at Frederiksberg

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Falkoner Allé 57, 2000 Frederiksberg