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Kevin Kolenda Life Long Entrepreneur Living Life to the Fullest
Kevin Kolenda is a lifelong entrepreneur who started a few companies before creating a WILDLY Successful as well as WILDLY UNIQUE over 30+ years ago and thru $30+ million in Sales. it was the first company in his city to go on the internet as well as the first on the web for this niche industry, which is defined as “prize provider for promotions and contests.”

He has personally serviced over 100,000 satisfied clients around the world and has “personally” paid out over $10 million dollars PLUS in prize promotion winners sans a partner or corporate backer. THIS is UNPRECEDENTED.

He provides some products and services that NO ONE ELSE in the WORLD PROVIDES exclusively for selective industries & corporations such as Harley-Davidson, the Auto Dealer Hole in One Golf and Non Golf Promotion industry, PBR Pro Bull Riders, Archery, Disc Golf, Pizza Hut, Chambers of Commerce, and Military Golf Benefits and Courses. Helicopter Golf Ball Drops again that no one else in the world provides, therefore it is correct to state that he has NO PEERS in the prize or promotion contest industry.

He has been on Iceland State TV, Boston Television, Los Angeles & Philly Sports Radio, in numerous magazines as well as on The USS Intrepid and on stage in Vegas while performing these events.

The Creator of Putting Contests the # 2 Contest in the world as well as copyrighted creator of the Million Dollar Hole in One event that you will come across on practically every golf course in the world

He still prides himself in taking care of local hometown golf events first & foremost, as well as being the largest prize provider in the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway Central & South America as well as many other markets around the world. His main focus still and always is the USA Hometown event, with special attention given to PGA Pro Shops, involvement, New York tri-state area, New England, Las Vegas, and Myrtle Beach, his frequently visited "home away from homes" as he personally played EVERY golf course

He is repeatedly requested to divulge internal statistics, rate charts, company filings, research, legal input, and State and International statutes interpretations and more. For example, he has over 25,000 + amateur Golf putting statistics (from the years of Golf Shows and On Golf Course research through which was created Putting Contests) NOW, The # 2 Contest promotion in the World ! behind Hole in One awards

He has continued in establishing many other contests in the US and worldwide, while the industry's innovation has been flat or non existent.

With this Long Standing VERY PRIVATE company and PRIVATE personal history. Why would he divulge this proprietary Industry establishing products and background for others to jump in on. Because of this he is easily considered lite years ahead (or at least 10 years*) of the Prize Promotion Industry curve.

* Kevin Kolenda denied Lance Armstrong's people(s) and his Tour de France accomplishment / feat 10 years BEFORE everyone else finally did or even realized it was a remote possibility . . . the propensity for cheating after analysis was  readily detectable  !

He often receives requests for statistical analysis and advisory consults from world renowned entitys like Lloyds of London Syndicates, Tagged Fish GPS Technology, Curling Association, Gaming Engineers, Las Vegas, World Golf Village Hall of Fame,  Actuarial Firms and more. Although rarely accepting the rfp's and due to this, at times gets misrepresented, misinterpreted, confused by, or even slagged by misinformation, poor guesswork from organizations, officials, journalists, other sources, all mainly due to the steadfast refusal to divulge an exclusive maturation of statistical info unbeknownst to the inexperienced marketplace as well as the top experienced executives and of course competition.

Bottom line is that NO comparable company or Individual, Expert or Quasi Expert IN THE WORLD can come close to the knowledge / experience of and on providing what he can do PLUS what he has done and seen, No matter what anyone else tells ya :) Read More About

Kevin Kolenda is currently in the process of writing a book about the trial and tribulations of his entrepreneurial career guaranteed to blow away the largest political scandals of recent years, due out in late 2017.


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THE Hole in One Golf Prize Insurance Company CREATOR of Putting Contests and Many Promotion Insurance Prize Indemnity Prize Insurance Contests for Sports or Specialty Events and Promos

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