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Horton & Sons Oriental Rug Cleaning Repair & Restoration

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Welcome to Maui Rug Cleaning & Restoration. We offer every and all services that you need for your Oriental or oversized rug. 1. Rug Cleaning Service in Maui We offer the best rug cleaning service on Maui. We pickup and drop off so we take care of all of the hard work! 2. Maui Oriental Rug Cleaning Do you have an Oriental rug that you need cleaned? Call us today and we will get your rug cleaned right away. 3. Oriental Rug Repair Maui oriental rug repair is to here to help you repair your amazing expensive rugs. Don\'t throw them away, let us restore and clean your chinese rugs. 4. Oriental Rug Stain Removal Do you need to remove a stain from your oriental rug? We specialize in removing stains from oriental rugs and carpets. We can get out any stain weather it is from your kids or your pets! 5. Maui Rug Appraisal How much is my rug worth? Is this a question that you have asked yourself? Our experts are standing by to give you an honest estimate of what your rug is worth. Call

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129 Baldwin Ave. Paia, HI 96779