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Kevin Heinrichs


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Henderson Henrichs LLP is a Canadian law firm that deals in Family and Divorce law. The firm has a team of nine professional lawyers who specialize in family law to ensure that clients receive the most professional legal representation. During the first visit, the law firm does not charge its clients, instead, clients are given the opportunity to find out what the firm is able to do and consider the available options. With branches in Vancouver and Toronto, the firm is well located to help its clients understand their choices to ensure that their customers receive the most beneficial settlement.

Kevin J. Heinrichs is a Vancouver Family and Divorce lawyer, and a partner with the Henderson Heinrichs LLP. He is a committed lawyer who explores all options to ensure that his clients reach a fruitful resolution in all their family and divorce issues. Heinrichs believes in the power of negotiation as it allows partners to control the process and come out with a solution that works for the interest of the family according to the prevailing circumstances.

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