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Kevin Fontana

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Boca Raton emergency AC repair, our team is made up of technicians with many years of experience in the AC repair industry. As such, you are assured of your AC being quickly diagnosed and repaired in no time at all. From South Florida air conditioner repair installations, we know what we’re doing, and can prove it through our service..

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If you think it has already started to become a problem, turn it off. This keeps all the moving parts safe from extra damage. When we come out we can look your system over and repair or replace the damaged components, making your system run like new. So the next time your Boca Raton electrostatic air conditioning filter starts acting call us before you end up in the emergency room, with electrical burns.For more information please visit our site

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1825 NW Corporate Blvd,Boca Ratan #110Boca RatonFL334131