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Premier Paradise, Inc. offers design services for other builders and homeowners

To take on the feel of the home, wrapping, the water is shaped. To large scale projects High-end features aren’t limited. Falling and flowing to the rhythm of its surroundings is what water shaping involves and is the art with water. Premier Paradise, Inc. offers design services for other builders and homeowners. Whether you are building a new pool or resurfacing and renovating an existing pool, that want to tackle building themselves. The perimeter overflow creates a serine backdrop for the oversized gas fire feature at the base of the pool.

Here you can find with amazing features with the pool coping and natural stone pathway that floats through the pool. The 50′ lap lane is accented by beautiful succulent and cactus landscaping. The BBQ area includes a custom solid concrete pedestal dining table. This type of integrity and ingenuity is what separates them from other designers and builders. Josh leads is construction team in the field and as Construction Manager.

His hard work is unrelenting, and from end to end management of both residential and commercial projects, he is able to implement even the most multifaceted designs through all phases of construction. They offer various designs of Customized Pool. They offer complete plans for the following: Permits, Engineering, Construction Plans, and Layout Plans & Hydraulics. He ensures all of their trade partners continually uphold the highest quality standards and specifications. There in house architect/ engineering team can help you build any Pool, Spa or Water Feature.


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