Ken Murczek

Ken Murczek

Ken Murczek - Head Coach of College Volleyball Teams

University of Charleston


About Me

Currently the head coach for the men's volleyball team at the University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia, Ken Murczek works to ensure the proper management of both players and staff. Prior to his University of Charleston post, he was the head women’s volleyball coach for Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During his time with Wake Forest, the women’s volleyball team achieved 44 wins over three seasons, and game attendance increased by 81%. Through efforts in recruiting players and bringing on the help of assistant coaches, Ken Murczek created a plan that allowed strategic development of the team, enabling them to improve their performance as they trained.

Mr. Murczek obtained his bachelor of science degree from San Diego State University, where he studied biology and kinesiology.

Outside of his work with coaching, he leads an active lifestyle. Ken Murczek takes time to go hiking with his wife, and often plays both grass and indoor volleyball. He is a fan of spectator sports, with his favorite teams being the Cubs and the Bulls, although he supports all teams coming from Chicago.


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